Bank Payments


For your annual dues, you may choose to pay them directly from your bank.

Many of you use a bank that belongs to the clearXchange Bank network, and you can pay bills without the hassle of checks or stamps.  Some banks in the network include Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, BB&T, Capital One, PNC, and US Bank. One trade name is Zelle.  If you already pay people through this method, it should be immediately familiar to you.  Please note that we have THREE different email addresses, so please make sure you send the right information to each.


You'll need to know who to send the money to, how much money to send, when to send it, and your address and phone number.

Send to email:

Please note that this email address is only used for electronic payments.  If you have questions, email us at .


Your annual dues, plus the Key Fee, if you choose to purchase one (NOT applicable for 2021 dues).  Note that if you purchase a key, you still need to send us your form.  You can either mail that form or scan and send to:


You MUST make your payment no earlier than January 1.  It creates an accounting mess if you send earlier.  So please pick a day in January, and send it then.


You MUST tell us your property address (example, 100 Belwood Gateway) and your phone number in case we need to contact you.  If your property is a rental, we need to know the correct Belwood address to credit your payment.


This is an example from Chase Bank, which will look different than your own.  You'll note the various fields as discussed above.  Once you fill it out, click send and it will be on its way.

Remember, if you  pay electronically you still need to email us with your contact information. And as a reminder, if you have any questions about this process, email us at