Belwood Cabana Facility

Social Distancing Guidelines


I paid my 2020 key fee, but the pool is only open during lifeguarded hours.  Will I get a refund?

We understand that key holders are not able to use the facility beyond lifeguarded hours, and you will not lose that money. Our plan is to apply your 2020 KEY fee to 2021 (preferred by our bookkeeper as manual transactions and sending out refunds is very time consuming).  Two other options available to you are:

1.  We can apply your 2020 Key fee to 2021 dues (if you do not want a key next year)

2.  We can provide a refund if you would like one.

If the rules change and we can allow key holders at some point, we will revisit and possibly modify the plan.  

Aug 18, 2020

Rules may change at any time subject to Santa Clara County Guidance and HOA Board of Director discretion.

UPDATE:  The Pool hours will be 3 PM to 7 PM on weekdays, 1 PM to 7 PM on weekends.  The Pool will close for the season at 7 PM on September 7 (Labor Day)

1)     SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES: Pool, Kiddie Pool, and Pool Deck

     USE Facility AT YOUR OWN RISK

     Lap swimming is limited to one swimmer per lane except for members of the same household

     No more than 10 members in pool at a time, 2 lanes provided for lap swimming

     No more than one household in Kiddie pool at a time

     Except for members of the same household, swimmers shall remain at least six feet apart at all times

     Locker rooms are for restroom use only

     No gatherings on pool deck except for members of the same household may observe person swimming to ensure safety and supervision

    No Guests. Members Only.

     Facemask required at all times except for swimming.

     No Basket Ball, No Ping pong

     No Cabana building use except for restrooms

     No Cabana furniture provided on pool deck

     Hours: 1pm – 7pm, no after hour use for key holders

     Entire facility limited to 50 members

2)     SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES: Common Areas: (BBQ's, Picnic Tables)

     No more than one household at each BBQ and picnic table station

     Facemask required at all times except for eating or drinking.

3)     SOCIAL DISTANCING RULES: Recreational  Areas (Bocce Courts, Lawn)

     No more than two households to engage in discrete recreational and athletic activities

     No equipment ( except: balls, Frisbees, or other projectiles) may be shared between households

     Members of separate households must remain at least six feet apart at all times

     Facemask required at all times.