Swim Lessons 2021


Belwood Cabana Club is offering swim lessons this summer.  We provide quality classes from skilled, certified instructors.  Class sizes are small to ensure all students are given ample attention.  Our sessions run Monday-Friday and are scheduled throughout the summer. You do not have to be a Belwood resident for swim lessons.  All sessions run for one week, unlike past years.  


   Session 1: July 12-16      

   Session 2: July 19-23

   Session 3: July 26-30

   Session 4: Aug 2-6


10:00 am , 10:30 am, 11:00 am

All lessons are 30 minutes duration

Session Fees:

$85 per session or $200 for a private lesson.  Payment via check (Payable to Belwood Homeowners Association) due at time of sesson.

How to Apply:

To apply please fill out the FORM and  email us at coachjesse.saenz@gmail.com and include the follow information:

    1) Parent/guardian name(s)

    2) Home address

    3) Phone number and Email Address

    4) Child’s/children’s name, age, and skill level

    5) Preferred session number and time slot

Please state if there is no time slot preferred

Disclosure: We cannot guarantee any session or time slot for your child/children. You will be notified ASAP if your child/children can or cannot be placed into the requested session and time slot

If you have any questions please email Coach Jesse at coachjesse.saenz@gmail.com.



This is a class for toddlers ages 2-4 (approx).  Children in this class will be taught safety skills around the pool deck and while in the pool.  The teachers will provide instructions on the basics such as blowing bubbles, floating and beginning skill of arm strokes and kicks.  This class is for toddlers who will learn pool safety and beginning basics of swimming.

Level 1

This class is for children with basic swimming skill ages 4-6 (approx).  Children in this class will be taught safety skill for their age as well as developing stroke skill.  They will learn from the basics of floating to the structure of basic strokes.

Level 2

This class is a continuation of basic swimming skills ages 6-8 (approx).  Children in this class must be able to float on their front and back unassisted for 10 seconds and swim unassisted for 10 feet.  This class will refine the basic strokes learned in level 1 and will prepare them for more complicated strokes in level 3.

Level 3

This class concentrates on teaching strokes beyond the basic front crawl (freestyle) ages 9-10 (approx).  Children entering this class must be able to float front and back as well as swim 15 feet unassisted.  This class will focus on perfecting freestyle as well as developing back stroke and elementary backstroke, and beginning diving skill.  Once these skills have been taught breaststroke will be introduced for preparation of level 4.  

Level 4

This class in a continuation of teaching freestyle, back stroke, elementary backstroke and will learn breaststroke.  To enter this class the child must demonstrate the ability to do freestyle and backstroke.  Water safety skills will continue to be taught age appropriate and more diving skill will be introduced.

Level 5

This class is for swimmers who wish to improve on his/her strokes and improve endurance.  This class will be taught with emphasis on coordination of whole strokes and swimming for longer distance.  Racing dives will be introduced as well as butterfly.

Level 6

This class is offered to swimmers who have mastered all the strokes with the exception of butterfly.  This class will tailor to the strengths and weaknesses of the swimmer in order to improve and perfect the strokes as well as flip turns and diving.