Swim Lessons 2023


Belwood Cabana Club is offering swim lessons this summer.  We provide quality classes from skilled, certified instructors.  Class sizes are small to ensure all students are given ample attention.  Our sessions run Monday-Friday and are scheduled throughout the summer. You do not have to be a Belwood resident for swim lessons.  All sessions run for two weeks.  If you cannot make one of the two weeks, we can try to accomodate your child in another session if space is available


Session 1:     June 19- June 30     (2 wk, M-F)

Session 2:     July 6,7,10,11,12 (1 wk, Thu-Wed)

Session 3:     July 17 - July 28        (2 wk, M-F)

Session 4:     July 31 - Aug 4th     (1 wk, M-F)


11:30 am , 12:00 pm, 12:30 pm

All lessons are 30 minutes duration

Session Fees:

$250 per 2 week session or $500 for private

$125 per 1 week session or $250 for private

Payment via check due at time of sesson.

How to Apply:

To apply please fill out this FORM , scan it and

email it to us at swimlessons@belwoodhomes.

Disclosure: We cannot guarantee any session or time slot for your child/children. You will be notified ASAP if your child/children can or cannot be placed into the requested session and time slot

If you have any other questions please email us at swimlessons@belwoodhomes.org.


Little Dolphins (New) (Level 1)

Every Tuesday @ 11:15 ($10 Drop in)

This class is a Parent and me (9 months - 3 years old). An adult must be in the water with your baby/toddler. Toddlers will be introduced to the water. The goals are comfort in the water, learning basic swimming skills such as arms, kicking, getting in and out the pool safely.

Guppies  (Level 2)     

This is a class for our youngest swimmers ages 2-4 (approx).  Children in this class will be taught safety skills around the pool. The goals for this class is for swimmers to be able to: put their face in the water, do an assisted backfloat, assisted and independent swims.

Octopus  (Level 3)

This class is for children with basic swimming skills  ages 4-6 (approx). The goal for this class is for swimmers to be able to: roll to their back to get a breath and keep swimming.  Swimmers will be taught how to kick, use their arms and back float.

Otter  (Level 4)

This class is a continuation of skills from level 2.  ages 5-7 (approx). Children in this class must be able to swim, roll to their backs to breath and keep swimming (about 10 feet). The goal will be to: to swim the width of the pool rolling to their back multiple times to breathe. Swimmers will also spend time jumping into the pool and continue swimming.

Seals  (Level 5)

This class introduces side breathing and backstroke ages 6-9 (approx). Children entering this class must be able to swim the width of the pool. This class will focus on increasing the length a swimmer can swim. Children will also start learning how to dive in this class.  

Frog (Level 6)

This class will  introduce elementary backstroke with the purpose of learning breastroke. ages  7-10 (approx). To enter this class a swimmer must demonstrate the ability to swim freestyle (with side breathing) and backstroke the width of the pool.

Dolphin (Level 7)

This class is for swimmers who can swim freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. Children in the class will learn butterfly.  This class is for swimmers who want to improve in the competition aspect of swimming.  Swimmers will work on all strokes. They will also work the start, turn and end of their races.

Adult Class (New)(18+) Only Session 1, 7PM (group)

This class is for adults who want to learn how to swim who never got a chance to learn.  Swimmers will learn basic swimming skills such as back floating, arm strokes, kicking while holding their breath. The hope is to learn freestyle and feel safe in the water.