Forms you may need


2024 Class D Membership-

Membership form if you live in the Class D area of Belwood and wish to join the Cabana.  Class D addresses are defined in the Bylaws.

Consent to Electronic Transmission-

This enables the HOA to save money and time by communicating with you electronically.

Board Candidate Form-

If you’re interested in joining the Belwood board of directors, this form is available to residents for our annual election.  Fill out and send to us at

Owner Information Form-

Required by California Civil code, all owners must maintain updated contact information with the HOA.

Policy against Harassement-

Belwood's Policy against all forms of harassment, to be signed by all board members and employees.

Request for Transfer Documents

If you are selling your home and wish to purchase HOA transfer documents required by §4530 of the Civil Code. Please email:

for information.

Third Party Authorization-

Allows a property manager, relative, or other agent to receive HOA communication and statements.

Expense Reimbursement-

A procedure for submitting HOA expenses. You will need to copy the Google Sheet to your own Google Drive to complete it, or download in Excel format.  

Cabana and Pool

Cabana Rental Agreement-

Rent the cabana, picnic area or pool for your next event.  

Lifeguard Application-

If you’d like to apply to be a summer lifeguard.

2024 Key Form-

If you’d like to use the facility anytime from 6 AM to 10 PM.  You can always use the pool, BBQ, bocce and basketball courts when the guards are there, but this key offers extended hours. Click HERE for more info.

Swim Lessons-

Have your children learn to swim at the Cabana!  Lessons are offered in June and July. Click HERE for more info