Frequently Asked Questions

I want to rent the cabana for a party.  How do I do that?

Please visit the Cabana page for details.

How much does it cost to rent the cabana?

Please see the Fees page for current fee schedule.

I don't live in Belwood.  Can I rent the cabana?

Cabana rentals are limited to Belwood Residents. If a resident will be attending the event, they can rent the Cabana for you.

I live close to the cabana.  Can I join the club?

Unfortunately, we are a private club and the only "optional" members who can join the club must be a resident of the Class D eligible area. The specific addresses are found in our Bylaws.  If you do not live in a Class D eligible area, we cannot offer membership to you.

I left a message on the cabana phone and have not heard back.  Why?

The cabana phone is checked periodically, and there is a chance your message was not fully understood or that the voice mail had not yet been heard.  The fastest way to contact us for cabana facility related questions is via email at:

Why does the entrance to Belwood Gateway look in such disrepair?  Why is it not maintained by the HOA?

The median is owned by the town of Los Gatos, and they are responsible for maintaining it.  If the board decided to maintain it, it would be outside of the HOA charter, and result in an increased and unmitigated liability for the board and for the residents who are all owners of the HOA.

I have a question for the homeowners association.  Whom do I contact?

Send us an email at: and we’ll respond to your question promptly.

There is a loud party at the cabana and it’s midnight.  How do I get that to stop?

The town of Los Gatos has noise restrictions past 10 PM.  Feel free to call the Los Gatos Police non-emergency number if there is a problem, and they will take care of it.

Why would I want to buy a key to the cabana facility?

You may wish to buy the optional key for several reasons:

          1. Use the pool outside of lifeguard hours between 6 AM and 10 PM

          2. Use the pool early or late in the season, when lifeguards are not staffed

          3. Use the picnic area, bocce lanes, or basketball court year round

There is no requirement to purchase a key but many members appreciate the convenience. Click here to find out more information.

How do I pay the HOA directly from my bank instead of sending a check?

Check out our PAYMENTS page for full information.