Cabana Rental Calendar

To reserve the Cabana via email:

View the Calendar below to see if your desired date is available

Click HERE to send an email to reserve the cabana or picnic tables

In the text of your message, please include:

     Your name and address

     Date and Time you'd like to reserve

     How many guests you expect to attend

     Whether you want to book the cabana, picnic tables (how many?), or both

Once we confirm your date, you'lll need to fill out the rental agreement promptly to keep your reservation.

Remember, only Belwood Residents may rent any part of the facility

To use the Calendar:

Note that GREEN dates are for the cabana, and BLUE dates are for the picnic tables

Select Month view or Week view to see details.  Select Agenda to see a list of upcoming actvities

Use the Arrow keys to move forward and back, and the dropdown date next to the arrow keys to quickly go to the date you are interested in

Public events (such as board meetings) are listed by name while private events (such as your party) are listed as "busy"

You may need to refresh your browswer to see updates